Timbro Digitale


The GT50 Solution for advanced Secure Document Certification and Management

GT50 is promoting a Facebook campaign addressed to citizens of the 150 municipalities who have adopted the Timbro Digitale technology, in order to spread knowledge about the possibility to apply for online registry certificates.

Timbro Digitale is the GT50 core technology – exploiting the 2D-Plus® code, an Italian, European and American patent based on the Timbro Digitale patent of GT50 Company  – to print on paper certificated and secure data regarding all elements of the document itself. Content, issuer, generation process, identity of the signer, biometric data, date and many other more elements can be certificated in a secure and certain way by the Timbro Digitale printed on a document.

Timbro Digitale is an advanced software that can be used for multiple purposes with the same result: making a printed document non-falsifiable. (Here a 2D-Plus presentation)

Timbro Digitale is based on a combination of common digital signature techniques with two-dimensional graphical codes containing all the document’s data in encoded form and the digital signature.

This Technology has opened many new scenarios for document and identity certification, like residence visas, passports, company badges, etc…, with the use of a strong code that can contain, in addition to the standard information, pictures and biometric data.

Timbro Digitale has been adopted by more than 150 Italian municipalities for issuing online registry certificates, and by Italian Presidency of the Republic for issuing citizenship certificates to non UE citizens.

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Counterfeiters love identity cards and residence permits.
Would you like more safety?
Try to download an ID card, protected by Timbro Digitale 2D-Plus.
The Digital Stamp you see, contains the entire ID card, including photos and some information encoded and password protected (see below). All data and photos in the Digital Stamp are signed with a qualified signature: this ensures that they are impossible to forge.

Use the software 2D-Plus Decoder (also offline) to verify integrity and authenticity of the identity card.
Directly use the PDF file or the image of the Digital Stamp or try printing the PDF file and then use a scanner.
After verifying the Digital Stamp via 2D-Plus Decoder, click with the mouse on the photo; there will be asked for a password to access the encrypted data; type: GT50Technology