competence and experiences

With its experience, GT50 can provide professional Consulting Services. Consulting can help when the customer is at a very first stage of his project or when the choice to make or buy has not been taken yet. GT50 Consulting Services cover different areas:

Secure Application Design

The competence developed on Security, Digital Strong Authentication and Certification allows GT50 to be a primary Partner in designing robust Applications and Architectures

GT50 provides its Customers with ultra specialistic competences along with a great business vision

Customers who prefer the “make” philosophy will find in GT50 a solid, affordable and competent 3rd Party who guarantees the development of robust digital architectures and applications

Incident handling

Damage caused by intrusions to corporate computer systems is most consistent the more the information contained herein is critical. Whenever a computer system is breached  a readily organized team conducts incident handling activities in order to:

  • Framing the event and isolating its causes     
  • Limiting the amount of damage and neutralizing the threat     
  • Preventing further violations

Security Assessment

Security Assessment includes activities such as:

Risk Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration test

Security Systems Audit