GT50, a leading software company founded in 2009 by esteemed IT security specialists, was acquired by Net Service S.p.A. in 2023.
This strategic acquisition aligns with Net Service’s goals to expand its turnover and expertise in the public sector, utilizing GT50’s well-regarded products.

Specializing in innovative Digital Signature applications, GT50 is renowned for its Timbro Digitale, used widely by numerous customers. GT50’s flagship solution is a groundbreaking technology enabling the creation of digitally signed documents that maintain legal validity even in printed format.

Another remarkable product is Q-ID, a universal and secure encryption-based information manager, handling confidential information such as passwords, bank details, personal information; it also manages virtual OTP tokens based on open standards, enabling enterprise implementation of 2FA systems.

Alongside its cutting-edge software, GT50 continues to offer specialized consulting on safeguarding information assets, drawing on qualified expertise in legal, technological, and organizational fields.

Timbro Digitale, along with the Q-ID, were key components that drove Net Service’s acquisition, supporting the digital transformation of public administration.

Now operating under the umbrella of Net Service, GT50 represents a critical piece of the digital puzzle, committed to enhancing technological efficiency, security, and legal compliance within both the private and public sectors.