Digital Seal SQCode


The GT50 Solution for an easy and mobile management of access, rights, identity

Digital Seal SQCode is the Smart Solution that GT50 has developed and installed for a fast and easy certification of someone’s identity or permission, tipically in mobility.

With Digital Seal SQCode it’s possible to have an istant check, for example, at public or private access points or to check if a person has got specific access rights for that area, and many more applications.

Digital Seal SQCode is based on SQ CodeTM, a patent solution for enhancing the use and security of QR Code, characterized by a red letter printed inside of it.

Digital Seal SQCode finds the ideal application in mobility, where it guarantees the best performance in term of security, not inviolability, and integrity of documents and processes.

The integrity and use of the data contained in the Digital Seal SQCode is verified by using Universal QReader™, an app for smartphones/tablets, freely downloadable from PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (IOS).

If read by a different application, Digital Seal SQCode can inform you that Universal QReader™ is required, providing a link to the App download store.

Link to the privacy policy for the Universal QReader App.