The first Universal Digital Privacy Keeper


Q-ID is the first Universal Digital Privacy Keeper

Q-ID protects all your data – passwords, bank accounts, codes, private data and messages – with the strongest passwords you can choose, with no need to fix all of them in your mind.

With Q-ID APP – available for Smartphones, Tablets and PCs – you will be able to protect your privacy from any attack

Q-ID manages both Permanent Passwords and One-Time Passwords (OTP), with no need to have any physical Token

Also, with Q-ID, you can receive OTP’s from many different Service Providers

Q-ID: one APP, many passwords, no token And all that is Free!

And if you want a secure backup, Q-ID Premium version offers an encrypted Strong-Box for a very small price You can access it from anywhere, on any device, maintaining the data sync for all of them.


Q-ID is a single smartphone App: universal, interoperable, secure, based on open and public cryptographic standards, able to securely manage the user’s personal secrets and capable of handling all (virtual) OTP tokens you need to access different systems, networks or services

Q-ID has the ability to assist you in creating really strong passwords: so strong that they are impossible to remember; so strong that you do not need to change them periodically.

It allows you to protect all these and other confidential information like credit card PINs, private notes, reserved telephone numbers, codes and much more.

Moreover, QID allows you to create and exchange messages that no one will be able to eavesdrop

All you need to unlock and access the Q-ID Application is to remember your Master Password only.

Q-ID allows you to secure and simplify the whole process of registration and search of your private data, enabling you to automatically retrieve the passwords required to access Web sites and applications.

All the information managed by Q-ID are encrypted using the strongest encryption standard algorithm available today: AES 256

… and it’s free


Library Q-ID Controller is the OTP manager that allows us to provide end users with One Time Passwords on any device they prefer

The Library Q-ID Controller is unique because:

  • It’s Universal: Library Q-ID Controller provides One Time Passwords on any device and any Operating System. Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and even Traditional Tokens can be managed
  • It’s Multiprovider: once the end user has got the free Q-ID App on his device, he can use just that App for all Service Providers that have adopted Library Q-ID Controller
  • It’s Free for the End User: just download the Free Q-ID App and you’ll be ready to get OTPs from your Providers
  • It’s Free of maintenance and substitution costs: no physical Token required
  • It’s Free for the Service Provider, with a trial or small business license allowing them to manage up to 5 end users

Library Q-ID Controller is THE SOLUTION for managing OTPs


Library Q-ID Controller is a Central SW Consolle that manages the library of encrypted keys needed to generate the OTPs for the End Users

Library Q-ID Controller is extremely flexible, simple and secure, both for the Service Provider and for the End User

Service Providers just have to:
– Register their profile in the “Login” area, in the Q-ID Website
– Download the Software Consolle Licences for the number of End Users that need to be managed. One End User – One License, free up to 5 Licenses / End Users
– Inform the End Users that the Q-ID Free APP can be downloaded on their Smartphone, Tablets, PCs

End Users just have to:
– Download the Q-ID APP on their devices: Android or iPhone Smartphones, Windows or MAC PCs
– Enroll in the OTP Service provided by the Service Provider, by following the simple instructions provided
– Ask for the OTP needed from the APP every time it’s required

… and it’s free


For more info please visit www.q-id.net